A big warm welcome to the newest members of The Sun Room Family!

A hidden gem in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District, The Sun Room is a cozy and intimate yoga studio where students benefit from one-on-one attention from teachers, and are guided through a tailored practice that meets their needs. It is at the heart of our vision at Mission Yoga to make yoga and movement classes available and accessible to all. We are currently only able to accpet cash donations.

Join us for daily practice you can afford, in a cozy, intimate studio where you'll receive the attention you deserve!

Weekend Warriors at Mission Yoga!

Mireia Yogimani teaches Gentle Flow
Fridays 6:15–7:30pm

Jenna Smith teaches Hatha Flow All Levels
Saturdays 10–11am

Amira Haidary teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa
Sundays 11am–12:30pm


2390 Mission Street
cross street 20th
3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA


New Summer classes 
with Erin Carter

4–5:15 pm
SAVE $$ and receive
a FREE private session

What to expect from a
beginner series/class:

A beginner series will include an introduction to the classic standing postures, twisting postures, forward bending postures, back bending postures and inverted postures. You will receive a lot of guidance to help you safely find correct alignment in your own body using props as needed. You will learn breathing techniques to help you regulate your breath as you practice these postures and also to calm your mind after practice. You will be introduced to basic meditation techniques. 

Come prepared to work hard, learn and have fun! Wear exercise clothing that allows ease of movement.

The cost of the series, (2 classes a week for 4 weeks) is $75 which includes a 30 minute private session with Erin. To drop in for one class the cost is $10. 

Pre-registration is suggested. To sign up or request more information, please contact at erincarteryoga@gmail.com.

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